Time For Some Mobile Blogging

by Jeff Turner on June 24, 2008

My mobile blog fest begins tomorrow morning at 4:00 AM.

CA to WV And Back AgainThat’s when the entire Turner family, six kids and two parents, will head off on our annual road trip to West Virginia. I blogged all along the way last year on our CA TO WV… AND BACK AGAIN blog. This year I’m doing it again, only I’ll be using as many new technologies as I can to chronicle our journey.

The main tool this year? Utterz.

Most of the posts created on our famiy travel blog will be generated using Utterz. I’m confident I’ll be able to show a number of creative ways to use some of the technologies that have surfacec since our last trip a year ago. I’ll also be using Twitter, Brightkite, editable Google maps, and other mobile tools. in addition, depending on bandwidth, I’ll be using some live video streaming, Real Estate Shows (of course), and I’m even going to throw in some Eyejot This! action along the way.

This trip will certainly provide the breadth of creative opportunites required to show how versatile some of the latest, proven technologies can be. But what I’m really hoping is that it will serve to get your own creative juices flowing.

So, come join us… virtually. There may not be any more room in the truck, but there’s plenty of room on the ‘net. I think we’ll all have some fun and you may get a few new ideas along the way!

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

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