To V Or Not To V – Part 1

by Jeff Turner on September 7, 2007

Video’s Potential In Real Estate Internet Marketing

Jeff Turner recently published a post on ActiveRain entitled, “Will Video Kill Virtual Tours?His answer was, NO. But Jeff went on to say that Video, well done, is a compelling medium and will have its place whenever the combination of competence and cost so dictate. When those two elements combine to favor Video, it is an excellent choice.

But how often will that happen and what situations will dictate Video as a logical choice?

I think the emergence of video as a practical reality for Internet marketing presentations moves the discussion to where I think it needs to be. It raises the question:

What factors and criteria should Realtors consider to decide on the best medium for Internet marketing presentations in any given situation?

The promise of video is that it is the next best thing to being there.
That promise also becomes the expectation for most viewers. And unmet expectations generate frustration; even anger. They don’t engender passion. They certainly don’t create, among viewers, the desire to contact the Realtor responsible for causing the pain.

But when a video fulfills the promise and exceeds the expectation, when the viewer is lifted to a magical place where positive emotions do a celebration dance around a visual and verbal story of love – that is the beauty of realized potential.

Let me illustrate. Watch this video. It defines the promise.

When I watch this video, I’m taken on a visual and verbal journey that flows like a smooth running stream. It invites me to come and join the legacy of love that this home is about. It is seamless; there are no jagged edges. I’m guided effortlessly through the house and each space has its story. The narration is about love, beautifully delivered. I want to be part of it. I want to go experience the magic of that home. It has me thinking, “OK, it might be a bit pricey for my budget, but we can cash in the kids’ college funds, they can go to public universities and work night jobs. I want that home.”

This is what video can be.

The video you watched was made by Turn Here, Inc. It cost $2,500. It was worth it.

Is it right for every situation? No, it’s not. Price alone would rule it out for all but those homes whose prices (and commissions) could justify the cost.

And besides price, what else should be examined to determine what makes for effective Internet presentations?

I believe there are three additional elements to consider:

  • The focus and goals of your presentation;
  • Quality (and what exactly defines quality); and
  • Flexibility

In my next post, I will break down those elements and look at how they might play into the decisions to be made about what works best in any given situation.

Until then…

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