Truly FREE Photos: Flickr Creative Commons

by realestateshows on April 7, 2007

It’s a common question at the customer service desk:
“Where can I find free photos to use for creative Shows?

flickr creative commons searchThese comments usually come after we send out one of our holiday Show samples. There are lots of “royalty free” photos sites around, very few are “free.” You must pay for the service. You just don’t have to pay a license fee for each photo.


We find that very few people understand that Flickr gives its users the opportunity to share their photos under various Creative Commons licenses, and that you may browse or search through the photos under each type of license. There are literally millions of photos that you may use commercially at no charge whatsoever.

To search these photos specifically, you must do an advanced search and only search within Creative Commons-licensed photos. If you plan to use it for business purposes (your blog, website, direct mail, etc), you must also click on “Find content to use commercially.”

This 2 1/2 minute video will show you how:

And this creative video shares the Creative Commons history.

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