Turner’s Perspective During The Month Of May

by realestateshows on June 1, 2007

The Project Blogger event is at its halfway point, and I’ve been focusing a lot of my writing activity at ActiveRain.

Here’s a look back at the Month of May:

05/30/2007 Microsoft Surface – Something Truly Amazing Out Of Redmond
05/30/2007 Google World Domination Now Playing In 3D
05/29/2007 It’s My Responsibility To Communicate Properly: The Power Of Words
05/29/2007 Ever Wonder How Oprah Would Describe An RSS Feed?
05/28/2007 Tribute To A Fallen Friend
05/25/2007 Something Just Wasn’t Sitting Right With Me
05/25/2007 Baseball, Hot Dogs And Great Conversation
05/21/2007 There Is A New Pro Blogger In The World
05/19/2007 Your Photos May Need A Change Of Perspective
05/18/2007 ActiveRain Gathering Los Angeles: We’ve Found Our Location
05/17/2007 Shift Happened In The Process Of Writing This Post
05/16/2007 I’m Speaking At Real Estate Connect in San Francisco
05/15/2007 The Power Of A Plainfield Mom: YEO In Action
05/14/2007 Flowers and Bugs: Shooting Up Close With The Kodak V705
05/12/2007 If You Can’t Be A Real Guru, Be A Bubble Guru
05/11/2007 Add Your Other Blogs RSS Feed To Your AR Sidebar
05/11/2007 The History Of Mother’s Day: More Reason For Pride
05/11/2007 Like A Dark Cloud: When Comments Get Ugly And Personal
05/10/2007 ActiveRain Gathering LA: Time To RSVP
05/07/2007 MEEZ: Sometimes You Just Need To Have Some Fun
05/07/2007 ActiveRain Birthday Bash – June 9 – Los Angeles, California
05/06/2007 Itsnoteasytoreadyourpostsifyoudon’t Give Them Some Air
05/04/2007 12 U.S. Laws That Impact Bloggers
05/04/2007 Flat Ben Caught On Hidden Camera
05/03/2007 Member Spotlight: Three Men I Admire (In 2706 Words Or Less)
05/03/2007 Are You Dense Or Something?
05/03/2007 YEO: Leave Your Children Out Of It
05/01/2007 Google Is A Woman

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