Using Real Estate Shows if You Have No Blog

by Sarah Cooper on October 9, 2008

I was asked by Kayel Buffaline from our Linkedin group yesterday how she can use Real Estate Shows to promote her community when she doesn’t have a blog. There are so many free blogging opportunities that I hadn’t challenged myself to think in terms of not having one, but this is a great question. There are certainly plenty of people who get along fine without having a blog, now how do they get their Real Estate Shows in front of people so they can make a difference?

Without a blog, you can still use your Real Estate Shows to promote your community:

  • If you have a website, you might want to make up a Community page and update it regularly.
  • You can send out Flyers periodically to your contacts online.
  • If you use social networks like FaceBook or Twitter, you can share you Shows there. In Twitter, just share a link. In Facebook and other Social Networking, there is a button in Edit Buttons that allows you to turn on the option to share this way, and then you can just click to add. (This also allows others to share your Shows if they want to spread your message!)
  • You can also take the link to your Inventory List and add that to your email signature, so that every time you email someone there’s an opportunity to share your Shows. (Just make sure you’ve clicked “Viewable in Other Shows” on your Manage and Edit page for the Shows you want to appear in your list. You can get the link to your Inventory List at the bottom of any of your Show Links pages, also accessed from the Manage and Edit page.)
  • Create a YouTube Page that focuses on your community. Setting up a YouTube page is easy and free, and you can send your Real Estate Shows there with just a *Click!*

Kayel, I hope this helps. And if you ARE using a blog … you do know that all of this would only increase your exposure and it’s pretty much all FREE, right? I think I just gave you a homework assignment. 🙂

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