Using Real Estate Shows with Your Buyers

by Sarah Cooper on October 20, 2009

When I was a brand new agent, before I even had a listing, I bought a subscription to Real Estate Shows.  I considered it an investment in my new business.  But even as inexpensive as Real Estate Shows is, I still wanted to get some use out of something I’d spent money on.

So when I made showing appointments for my first buyers, I asked the listing agents if it was OK if I took pictures of the house so my clients could keep the details fresh in their minds.  As we set off to view several houses, I told my buyers that I’d take pictures for them and asked them to let me know what they especially wanted to remember about each house.  They were quick to let me know if a particular house wasn’t photo worthy, but if it was a good one they’d smile, nod and let me know what they really liked about the house.  (If you have clients who have a hard time describing what they really want while sitting in your office or in an email, this process will get them talking.)

After we’d viewed the listings and I knew their favorites, I created Shows and emailed them the links that afternoon.   They had no idea how quickly the Shows could be made, but they felt I’d gone out of my way with their “reminder Shows”.  Since Real Estate Shows doesn’t charge by the Show, my only added cost was a little time – which I was more than happy to give them.

They watched these Shows over and over again, and I could quickly tell by looking at my Tracking Reports which was their favorite.  I wasn’t surprised at all when they called to tell me they were ready to make an offer.  As we approached settlement, the hits on that Show continued to pile up as they sent the Show to their friends and family, excited about their new home – and each time my branding quietly announced that I was their agent.

For the final walk through, I brought my camera again.  I took pictures of the empty rooms, ready for the changes they’d make over the years.  Before we left, I got a picture of them in front of their new house.  Of course, I made them another Show, this time announcing their new address for their friends and family.  I made them a copy on CD to keep and gave it to them the next day at the closing table.

I could have just waited until I had a listing to use Real Estate Shows, but I’m glad I didn’t.  One of my first listings turned out to be for one of their family members, and I dealt with several others from their family over the years.  I can’t say for sure that Real Estate Shows brought the business to me, but I’ve always thought that it helped them to remember their “family real estate agent.”

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