Videoblogging And Podcasting In Real Estate: A Conversation

by Jeff Turner on December 20, 2007

Videoblogs, or vlogs, are relatively new to the real estate industry.

But there is a growing community of experienced videobloggers outside of the real estate industry. They make up the bulk of the users on the “by invitation only” After spending a few days on the site, my gut told me this community would be a good one to tap into to jump start a conversation around the theme of “Beyond The Written Word,” a panel I am moderating at Inman’s Bloggers Connect conference in NY.

The Bloggers Connect panel will consist of Douglas Heddings, Senior Vice President, Prudential Douglas Elliman; Rachel Natalie Klein, Founder,; Daniel Rothamel, Realtor, Strong Team REALTORS; Blogger,; and Mike Price, President, ML Broadcast.

We only have 45 minutes to discuss a very hot topic. So let’s start it early.

To help us, I asked the seasoned videobloggers on Seesmic what they might have to say about the potential upside and possible downside that video blogging and podcasting might have for real estate agents looking to use it to grow their business. This 14 minute video is an edited version of the discussion.

The goal of this video is to generate further discussion. The questions and comments you leave here will help move this discussion forward and may very well end up being part of the panel discussion in New York. So, comment away. If you’d like to add your video comment, you can upload a video anywhere you choose and include it as a link in the comments here, or you can add your video comments to the discussion the discussion video on Viddler.

Here are links to the full comments used for this video.

Jeff Turner | Real Estate Shows

Deek Deekster |

Adam Jochum |

David Jacobs |

Nicole Spagnuolo |

Victor Cajiao |

Daniel Rothamel |

Andy Kaufman |

As further commentary, this video took a ridiculously long time to edit. 🙂

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