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by Sarah Cooper on February 13, 2009

Let’s tackle a couple issues at once here. You’d probably appreciate having a little extra traffic to your blog or website. The people in your area probably like to have a little fun. Let’s bring the two together.

I saw a simple idea for a disposable camera tied to a park bench with a little note beside it telling people the camera was left there just so they could take pictures, have fun and he’d be back to pick up the camera that evening. They took their pictures, and you can see them here. If you have cards for your blog (and oh, you should!) maybe you could leave a little stack of them next to the camera and tell people in your note that pictures will be available soon on your blog. (You could even make a Real Estate Show from the pictures you get back. Just sayin’.)

If you find that you like the idea, this could even become a traveling experience – try a bench on main street, a hometown sporting event, maybe tied to a lamp post along a parade route. Think of someplace where people may gather and be happy, and see if there’s a way to throw a camera in the mix.

Another variation of this idea is to set a disposable camera free and see where it goes. The Disposable Memory Project does just that and prints the pictures from around the world. Since you’d probably rather have local attractions, consider setting a camera free (or giving it to someone to start off) in a waterproof baggie with a sign in sheet, a little stack of your blog cards and a postage paid, padded envelope to return the camera to you for developing. You can print instructions at the top of the page, such as “Please take a picture of your favorite view in Putnam County” or “When I have visitors from out of town, I take them here” and let them know to check your blog in the future to see how it turned out. Each person just takes a picture, signs the sheet and passes it along to the next person. The last person to take a picture can drop it in the mail to you.

With themes like this for each camera, you can feel free to have several cameras out there at the same time. Understand that cameras may not always find you again. I recently took three cameras to a convention and immediately received one back. A friend is bringing another to a future meet up, and the third is just missing. Not a bad record, really.

If you’re wondering, “Why would I want to do this?”, I’ll tell you.

  • It should bring each one of the people that comes into contact with your cameras to your blog. They’ll want to see their picture and the ones that came afterwards.
  • They’re also likely to share your link with friends, family or coworkers along with the story about how they got involved.
  • It will give you search engine attracting photos you might not have thought to take on your own. If you set loose a camera with a request for a “Favorite View,” you may get back a “Sunrise over the Kanawha River”, “Ducks at Hurricane City Park” or “Flowers at Midway Greenhouse.” Give photo credit to the photographer and you have a new friend, too.
  • Also, it just makes people SMILE. It’s as simple as that. You shared a little something unexpected with them and gave them a bright spot in their day – sometimes that’s enough.

And if someone is going to remember your name, isn’t it best when they smile when they think of you?

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