What Could Google’s New Collaborative Maps Do For You?

by Jeff Turner on November 28, 2007

Google Has Two New Map Features: Terrain Maps and Collaborative Maps.

The terrain maps will certainly be of benefit to anyone who needs to present a topographic lay of the land, but the collaborative maps feature may prove to be an even more useful tool. The ability to create your own custom maps has been available from Google maps for a some time now, but these new collaboration features may result in greater benefits. Collaboration creates conversation. Invite your readers to share their favorite restaurants, places to hike, etc, and give anyone who stumbles on your map the right to add their favorites. And be sure to get specific with the map, as they do in the example in the Google announcement linked above. Or, you could decide to simply collaborate with others in your office to control the content and show off your local knowledge.

The map below was created to test the collaboration tools. I’ve shared collaboration rights with two cousins and an uncle, and they can invite others to collaborate as well. The map is embedded here and interactive, so click on the icons and see how it all works.

Grafton, WV: Places To See, Things To Do

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If you have ideas about how to use these new collaboration features, don’t be shy. Share!

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