What Is The Cost To Link To Realtor.com?

by realestateshows on August 6, 2007

Costs associated with Realtor.com are set by Realtor.com. We simply manage the process for you. If you are a Showcase Listing Ehancement customer with Realtor.com, there is no charge to link to Realtor.com. If you are not, Realtor.com charges us to facilitate the link and we pass that cost on to you. This is true for ALL PicturePathâ„¢ Partners.
When you click the link to send to Realtor.com we send information from your property details to Realtor.com’s database. If they find a match and show that the real estate agent who owns the listing is a Showcase Listing Enhancement customer, then you get the submission screen with no fee.

If Realtor.com sends back a negative response you will get the screen to pay $25.

This can happen for 3 different reasons.

  1. Realtor.com does not have your listing as a Showcase listing.
  2. The MLS# is incorrect or has not posted on Realtor.com yet ( it is too new)
  3. Either your street address, city, state and/or Zip code do not match exactly to what Realtor.com has.

Please use the MLS Number in a search on Realtor.com before you submit. Verify that your listing is active on Realtor.com, that it is a Showcase Listing (with the yellow border around it) and the that address is exactly how you have it in your Property details on your Real Estate Show. Two computers are talking to each other and they are NOT intuitive. They are looking at characters only and all the characters have to match. Extra characters will generate a negative response as well, like an extra space in a city name.

If you continue to have trouble please send us the Show #’s you are trying to link to Realtor.com and we will try to help you sort it out. All customer service emails should be sent to info@realestateshows.com.

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