What’s Cooking?

by Sarah Cooper on May 30, 2007

I believe you can use your RealEstateShows.com subscription to convey nearly anything to your intended audience. If you doubt me, just keep checking back in and I’ll try my best to make a believer out of you, too! ;o)

Sally CheesemanWhile trying to tell people about your local area, one of the main topics you’ll hit on is food. Think about that, we name the landmarks, the industry, schools, interesting places and where to eat. We ALL love food. Food also says a lot about a region. It becomes almost a culture of it’s own in some areas.

Coastal areas have fresh seafood, Louisiana has spicy Cajun, you’ll find soul food down South, lighter dishes in healthy California and Tex-Mex along our Southern border. Anywhere you go, you’re likely to find something special about the food.

Tell your local market and those moving in about the specialties in your area! Even people that have lived in your area for years might have missed a taste of something special.

This show by Sally Cheeseman of Century 21 Liberty Homes celebrates the food of Hawaii.

Sally packs a lot of Hawaiian food and culture in her 60 second show! Of course I’d love to spend a little time in Hawaii (who wouldn’t?), but Sally makes me want to go NOW.

Use your Shows to give us a little taste of what your community is cooking up!

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