What’s Missing From Your Shows? Humor?

by Sarah Cooper on July 6, 2007

I spend far too much time on Active Rain, reading blogs and making friends … er, NETWORKING. There’s so much information just freely given among experts in all real estate fields — it’s a gold mine!

A couple of my favorite people there are Broker Bryant and his wife, TLW of Tutas Towne Realty. They have a wonderful Real Estate Show that acknowledges their adjusting market while remaining firmly upbeat and encouraging.

Now that is a funny Show! And what a great message — there IS hope, call Broker Bryant!! Wouldn’t you like to spread a similar message in your area?

We’ve all had ups and downs lately, it’s best to have a sense of humor about it all. It’s even better to share that sense humor with our clients. They know what the market’s like, they’re in it. They may be feeling frustrated themselves. Humor is a great tension breaker!

Use your Shows creatively, give them a good laugh and get to work!

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