What’s Next For Real Estate Shows?

by Jeff Turner on July 11, 2008

Every time we announce a new feature, like the ability to export Real Estate Shows to video fles, we invariably get the response: “This is great. What’s next?” So, we decided to give you a little heads up and tell you where we’re going with our product development.

Longer Real Estate Shows

While we remain steadfast in our researched belief that less is more and one minute shows are the best length to capture viewer emotion, the most common request from some of our clients is that Real Estate Shows be longer. So, we will be creating the option for 90 second and 120 second shows. 90 second shows will require 15 photos and 120 second shows will require 20 photos.

Unlimited Length Slide Shows With Looped Music

Currently, when you upload to the “more photos” segment of the show, it creates a slide show that viewers must scroll through. There is no music attached to this slide show. In our next release, the “more photos” slide show will have a play button and you will be able to determine whether you want to have music play or not play.

End “Credits” On Video Export

With the launch of enabling you to export Shows to video channels, we now have the need for an end credit to allow you to show your agent branding and contact information inside the video itself. In a future release, you will have two options. You’ll be able to use the default text based end credits (that we will create), or upload you own image to be used when exporting to video.

Hiding The Real Estate Shows Brand

Our embedded Shows will be self-contained. We are going to remove all opportunity for consumers to be led away from your site when you embed our Shows. When completed, our new embed code will allow you to place a Real Estate Show into your page with complete assurance that the consumer will not have to leave your page to get to any of the information in the Show. There will also be no link back to RealEstateShows.com.

While we have never had any branding for Real Estate Shows on our player, some of the features, like floor plans and extra photos, require the user to leave the page and view the features at RealEstateShows.com. Our future release will change that.

The purpose of this enhancement is to further emphasize you by removing any reference to Real Estate Shows in running your presentations. By the way, we realize this is not the norm. Our competitors put their own product identification in various places in your presentations, even placing their branding messages before your own.

Letting You Decide What Kind Of Presentation You Want

Currently, when you create a Show on RealEstateShows.com, the main 30 or 60 second Show is always the starting point. In addition, you can’t create one of the unlimited photo slide shows without first creating a 30 or 60 second Show. We want to change that.

As I wander around the web, I see a number of our clients using tools to embed a simple slide show, with no music, because they just want to show a large number of photos. We want you to be able to do this with Real Estate Shows, if that is the kind of presentation you want to create . So, in our next release, you will have the ability to decide what your Show will be. If you want to create an unlimited photo slide show and not a video-like “classic” Real Estate Show, you will be able to do that. If you’d like to embed a video and not create a Show or upload photos at all, you will be able to do that. You will get to decide where you want the consumer to begin when they click on the Show link and what is seen when you embed a Show.

We think these changes will further enhance your presentations when you use Real Estate Shows. They’ll be arriving in the near future.

Jeff Turner, President of RealEstateShows.com

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