Where Do My Internet Flyers Go And Who Sees Them?

by Jeff Turner on September 4, 2007

I was forwarded the following question from our customer service department today:

I love this new flier feature. The only question I have ( don’t laugh) is when I publish it to whatever place…where does it actually go and who sees it??

syndicate your real estate listings with realestateshows.comWe’re definitely not laughing.

Why? Because it’s a more common question than you might first imagine. Those of us who spend the bulk of our time online tend to think everyone is familiar with these new Web 2.0 distribution portals, but that’s just not true. The vast majority of real estate agents I meet in my travels have never heard of Edgeio, Vast, Propsmart or Oodle. More have heard of Trulia, but not many more and even though everyone has heard of Google, Google Base is not a known commodity. So here’s the short answer.

Each of these sites is a search engine.

Some are strictly real estate, but others cover the classified gamut. Consumers go to these sites to search for homes. And you want to be where the consumer is searching. That only make sense. So, we’ve simply made it easier for you to do so. Once you’ve created a flyer, you can choose which of the sites you want your information sent to and we send them a “feed” of the new information.

It usually takes 24 to 72 hours, depending on the site and the timing of the feed. Unfortunatly, none of that is under our control, but your listing will eventually show up on these other search engines. And the more places the consumer can find you, the better.

Take some time to search around on these sites so you can see what consumers are seeing. You may be surprised by what you find.

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