Why Not More Shows?

by Sarah Cooper on July 19, 2007

One thing I’ve noticed since I started writing for Real Estate Shows is that there are so many people that don’t get full use out of their tours.

question markThis REALLY surprises me! When I started out as a brand new agent, Real Estate Shows was one of my very first investments in my business. When I learned that I could make as many Shows as I liked for one yearly fee, I knew I could more than get my money’s worth out of this service!

As real estate agents, we are constantly reinvesting in our businesses. Often, the money we invest doesn’t give us much of a return. We’re just taking a chance, hoping things will go well.

Real Estate Shows is a sure thing, though! Of course you’ll use it for listings. If you want to pamper your clients, make up CDs of their Show and pass them out at Open Houses. Make a Show of the neighborhood and link them together for extra exposure. Put their Show on your website, blog, MLS and all over the internet!

But even if you’re just starting out and don’t have a listing, or you’re a seasoned agent and just like to make full use of your toys, make up more Shows! Use one as an example of what you can do for your clients. Show them your brokerage so they’ll feel at home when they visit you there for the first time. Create Shows of your local area, your favorite restaurants or where to hang out.

Building up a library of Shows can help give your clients confidence that you are the person who can help them with their real estate needs. It only takes a little time and no extra cost to you — so why wouldn’t you?

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