Why RealEstateShows.com Works

by realestateshows on April 1, 2006

Scientific research tells us that when two or more senses are stimulated at the same time, there is a multiplier effect.

In other words, pictures plus sound are three times more effective than either one alone. By adding positive background music to a smooth flowing video presentation (involving two senses instead of one) the effect is unconsciously powerful. Music says what words can’t. It moves the viewer from seeing, to wanting more – to be there. The start of an emotional connection has begun. There is a greater desire to see the house and a stronger impulse to like it when they get there.

Motion Is More Evocative than Static Images.

When people live in a house, they don’t just sit there like stones or twirl around in circles. They experience it by moving through it. The sense we provide of moving into and out of a room simulates a real life experience. It’s more appealing.

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