Words Of Love, Client Love

by Jeff Turner on April 7, 2007

You know how you feel when, out of the blue and for no reason, you’re wife, husband or significant other writes you a love note?

Well, I feel the similarly when one of our clients does the same. (I realize they probably aren’t thinking of it as a love note.) If you’ve ever received one of these from a buyer or seller, you know what I mean. So, you’ll pardon me while I share my joy. Nina Cimini, with John Hall & Associates in Scottsdale, sent an email this morning and this is the entire email:

“Hi Jeff: I’ve written before but want to let you know once again: I LOVE REAL ESTATE SHOWS. When I first discovered it, I couldn’t believe I could do unlimited shows for the low price you offer. As I use it for every listing, I find it beter and better. I love how I can go in and manage the shows, make changes and they happen in “real time.” I also like being able to change the camera angles and the music. Thanks again, Jeff. RealEstateShows.com has made a big difference in the way I do my marketing!! LOVE IT.”

Nina, this is my way of throwing the love right back at you! You made my day and the day of everyone here at RealEstateShows.com.
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