Work That “WWW” Button!

by Sarah Cooper on June 6, 2007

When you create a Real Estate Show, you can make it as simple or complex as you like. One button that I think adds a lot of value to your show is the “www” button.

To find this, look under the “Edit Buttons” tab while Managing a Show. Entering a link in the “www” box will turn on this feature.

Hopefully you have already linked to your website, and that link will appear to the right of your show. But now you have another place you can send people for information.

  • www magnifying glassIf your Show is about a house you have listed, you could link to a neighborhood website so that potential buyers can learn much more about this particular area. You might link to a city website if there’s not a more closely related website available.
  • Did you make a Show about another business? By all means, link to their website! Share the love!
  • Do you have a blog? If you do, I hope you’re making lots of Shows to embed and illustrate your topics! Link your Shows to their blog posts for the people that find your Shows elsewhere.

“Listings Are Only Part of the Story.” You can make sure your viewers get the full impact of your topic by providing a variety of information for them.

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