Yes, Listing Presentations Too!

by realestateshows on August 30, 2006

We spend a lot of time on this Blog talking about Shows that go beyond
listings, but sometimes a Real Estate Show for a listing really turns
our head. Kathryn Tanner and her Office Manager, Lisa Mastronardi,
teamed to create a Show that fully utilizes the best features of Real
Estate Shows.

"This is a new listing in our office that we wanted to promote before
the weekend," Lisa stated. "So I used our pictures to create a Show
that the home owners would be happy with and that people could view and
get a sense of this house and the property."

View This Excellent Listing Presentation

She added, "I really enjoyed using the new panning feature. The zooming
in and out is very effective, but the pan allows you to ‘switch it up’
and make a Show more interesting. It also helps to show how a room
flows from one end to the other, especially in a long room like an
eat-in kitchen."

"Using Real Estate Shows has been such a positive experience for me and
has helped to promote our listings in a very special way," she
continued. "Clients and brokers have been thrilled with the positive
response the Shows have brought to their listings. I hope to eventually
have these Real Estate Shows attached to all of our listings and look
forward to getting more creative with them in the future."

Lisa, if your creative efforts outside of listings match your creative
efforts on listings, we will all look forward to it. Thank you for your
support and enthusiasm.

Kathy Tanner, Brotherhood And Higley
Fairfield County, CT | 203.966.3507 | Site

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