Yes, We Have MLS Compliant Links!

by realestateshows on February 16, 2007

It’s a common question we get, “Do you provide MLS compliant links where all branding is removed?”

To that we say, “of course.” Non-branded photos and shows are required for broker reciprocity agreements. The fully branded show can be linked everywhere else you advertise your listings, such as, your personal website, Craig’s List, etc.manage and edit

Each time your create a Show at, you are sent a linking email. That email contains all the links you will need, including two different MLS compliant links. There are two because different MLS systems require different levels of “strictness” in how they want content presented. All branding is removed from MLS compliant Shows. Here is an example.

You can see all of the links to any Show by logging into your account and clicking on the Manage And Edit Existing Shows link. Once there you will see a list of your Shows. To get to all of the links for any Show, click on the link that says “Show Links.”

show links

The Show Links page contains all of the links available for the Show.

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