Your MLS And Your Personal Branding

by realestateshows on November 29, 2006

We get a version of this question almost every day: “Why isn’t my branding showing up on my MLS?” or “Why are my titles missing on my Real Estate Show on my MLS?”

There are over 800 MLS systems in the United States and virtually every one of them forbid you to have your personal branding on the tours you attach to listings on their search engines. Some MLS systems are more strict than others. These “strict” MLS systems require that any information that can be input by the Realtor be removed. This includes tiltes, links to outside websites, property details. They remove any possibility that you could slip in your name and telephone number.

Strict Sample

Other MLS systems simply require that the branding be removed and they trust that you will do the right thing and NOT insert personal information in the titles, headlines, and property details. We call this our “basic” MLS player. Most MLS systems accept this kind of link.

Basic Sample

Both of these links are sent to you in your linking email that is sent as confirmation the moment you create a new Real Estate Show. Each Show you create has both the basic and strict link available for use. To keep yourself from being fined, make sure you use the right one for your MLS.

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