Your Shows as “Stealth Advertising”

by Sarah Cooper on May 24, 2007

As independent contractors, we have to do a lot of our own advertising. We not only spread our names everywhere we can online, but then we also advertise in the local house guides, newspapers and sometimes on TV. We mail out postcards and letters. We hand out cards everywhere we go.

We’re practically screaming, “Look at me! Look at me!”

And still, you run into Uncle Chuck at the grocery store and learn that your cousin just listed his house with someone else. *Sigh*

family picture 300pixelsOur friends and families are just as skilled as everyone else at ignoring advertising. It’s not their fault, they’ve been conditioned into it just like the rest of us. So how do you remind people you’re in business without beating them over the head with it?

My solution is “stealth advertising.” Send them stuff that they don’t even realize is advertising. Send them something they’ll enjoy for what it is.

The best I’ve found for this is

The internet makes it quick and easy to keep in touch, and everyone loves pictures. The next time you have pictures to share, make them up into a Show on! In 60 seconds, you’ve shared the highlights of the event, focused attention on the details you found to be important and even had a nice soundtrack to set the mood! There are more pictures available and even video — and you didn’t take up any space in their inbox. Aren’t you thoughtful?

Oh, and remember, each time you send out your shows, there’s that reminder! Your professional branding is all right there, with links to your website and other homes.

Busy people appreciate that it takes just 60 seconds to see the best part, and if they want to come back for more all the extra pictures and video will be there waiting for them. It’s like getting a quick visit in the middle of a hectic day. Make them happy they checked their email!

Keep in touch with your family and friends, share your pictures and memories with them. Like it says at the top of this blog, “Listings are only part of the story.” Let ’em know you’re thinking of them by keeping in touch, and have that subtle reminder right there, just in case it slipped their mind.

One more thing — when you send out all those postcards and so on, your costs add up each time. With your subscription, you’ve already paid for all the shows you’ll make this year! Go make more!!

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